Mr. backyard specially made outdoor set of two pillows in fushia and gray. Our pillows are made with premium quality polyester quickdrying fabric that is made for all weathers.
Amazing quick drying fabric on our outdoor pillows. Mr. backyard ships their pillows nationwide.
Pillow made to accentuate any outdoor set be it dining set, seating set, conversational set, firepit set, chaise, lounge, hanging chair - the list goes on. These pillows are the perfect decor compliment for your set.
Our outdoor pillow made for all weathers is available on for a limited time.

Outdoor Pillow in Fuchsia/Grey - Set of 2

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This order is for a set of 2 quick drying Mr. backyard pillows. These pillows are specifically made for outdoor use and are sure to brighten up any dining, seating or relaxing set.