Protect your new outdoor furniture from the stains and damage of a life well-lived. With outdoor furniture protection, it’ll be blue skies and family cookouts for years! The Guardsman® Ultimate Defense Outdoor Furniture Protection Plan lets you Furnish Fearlessly, knowing that expert Guardsman technicians can clean and repair your furniture to a look you’ll love a long, long time.

The items we sell on our website arrive with one year warranty. We offer an extensive 5-year warranty through Guardsman Furniture Warranty.

Warranty must be purchased no more than 7 days from the date of purchase of your products. During the time of the warranty period if anything happens to your furniture. Below are the coverages offered by Guardsman Outdoor Furniture Warranty

Remember TO:

• READ YOUR PLAN carefully to understand what’s covered (and not covered) and how to get help when you need it. Questions? Call for answers now.

• Blot stains with a clean, dry cloth before calling us, but don’t attempt to clean the stain further until we give you specific instructions.

• Act fast because many stains and damage issues are time-sensitive … so is your plan. You must call within 30 days of when the stain or damage occurred.

• CALL GUARDSMAN AT 800.253.3957 to request service. Have your receipt and plan number handy

Coverage includes:


• barbecued ribs • ketchup • blueberries • meatballs • mustard • nacho cheese • chili • olive oil • chocolate • ice cream • juice • wine


• cosmetics • ink/marker • suntan lotion/oil • bleach or chlorine

Human & pet biological STAINS such as:

• blood • urine • saliva • vomit Accumulation of stains, soil build-up over time, perspiration, hair and body oils are not covered by this plan.

ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE on fabric upholstered areas, cushion sets, umbrellas, fabric gazebos, or cover slings such as • cigarette burn • heat mark from pan • broken chair weld • rip from broken glass • broke tabletop • stone table chip • puncture from • broken umbrella silverware mechanism • damaged rocker/ • knife cut through to swivel mechanism cast aluminum • propane fire pit malfunction