Why you must opt for Wicker Sectional Patio Furniture

When it comes to wicker furniture, many buyers don’t get actually what wicker is. An investment in patio without knowing its properties is definitely not a good move. If you are looking to buy a wicker sectional patio furniture or wicker patio furniture, then, you can find this page very fruitful as it comprises each and every detail – what actually wicker is, modern wicker furniture types, advantages and much more – important during selection and evaluation.

The natural and non-natural materials that are flexible and durable enough to be part of the weaving process, for furniture making, are an important part of wicker furniture. Many of us have the misconception that wicker furniture is made for outdoor application only. Wicker furniture can be used for the outdoor as well as indoor application simultaneously. Yes, but some material differences exist that can decide where your patio needs to be placed.

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Wicker sectional patio furniture

  • What is the difference (in wicker furniture) leading to the specific use for indoor and outdoor application?

To make wicker furniture tougher for all-around uses, it is made accordingly. Vinyl and resins are common materials used while outdoor furniture items development. These materials are the competent option to withstand sun, temperature, moisture, and other resistant conditions which further increase the durability in every aspect.

For indoor applications, organic or natural materials are used as they are placed under a secured environment.

Note: At Mr. Backyard, you can select synthetic as well as organic material for your wicker furniture.

  • Which type of weaving process you should look for?

Unlike materials, weaving processes do not have any specification. Same processes are implied for organic as well as synthetic materials. Irrespective of the weaving process, wicker furniture types look appealing and same.

Based on the styles and weaves, trendy as well as traditional types are available. If you are approaching on the basis of color and hues, then, you have the competent option in wicker furniture because of diverse availability (you can evaluate a variety of color and hues collection with white and black finishing).

  • What are the available materials for wicker furniture?

During the development of wicker furniture, a variety of materials are available. The four types of organic materials - rattan, bamboo, willow, and reed – are used for the development of indoor wicker furniture. Rattan is the most popular type among all given materials for indoor applications. The material is thin and pliable and can be used for frame-making of patio furniture.

Organic materials are not used for outdoor applications as they are more prone to moisture absorption and sunlight leading to deterioration. Due to quick drying up of the material due to external conditions, patio furniture will be affected. For outdoor furniture applications, aluminum frames are used while synthetic or man-made fibers are used for the weaving purpose. The aluminum, resins and synthetic vinyl help in maintaining the wicker look; further help in withstanding the sunlight and moisture conditions.

  • Care Tips for Wicker Furniture

Irrespective of selecting a competent set of wicker furniture, one should take a little care to maintain furniture dry because of mild dew effect. For example, you can wipe down wet furniture after the rainfall. Similarly, you must maintain your patio furniture from sun exposure. We must opt for measures to maintain furniture clean and fresh.

  • Popular outdoor wicker furniture types

A decade ago, wicker furniture was approaching a corner seat due to traditional beliefs or thoughts. But nowadays, wicker furniture items have again become the top-rated choice among patio lovers due to its versatility, look, style… we can say in each and every aspect. It is for sure that modern-day wicker patio furniture is comfortable as well as sturdy. Check the following popular outdoor wicker furniture types given below.

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  • Wicker Chairs
  • Sectional wicker sofas
  • Wicker chaise lounges
  • Wicker daybeds
  • Wicker dining tables
  • Wicker table and accessories
Sectional Patio Furniture
  • Advantages of choosing wicker furniture

There should definitely be a competent reason to choose wicker furniture as you are paying. Selecting a patio is a great idea as it possesses the capability to outshine all other competitor furniture. The following points are given below which can be taken as the advantage factor for choosing a wicker patio furniture.

Center of Attraction

Choosing a variety of colors and hues for your wicker furniture can help you in arranging your patio in the most effective way. Now, you can arrange your patio with versatile and unique designs of wicker furniture.


The materials used for a variety of wicker furniture items are extremely strong and resistant. Thus, it will resist any type of moisture and heat conditions by making your patio life longer. Thus, with design and style, it is a competent option to make your patio durable and tough. 

Fewer Maintenance Procedures

Wicker furniture made from natural materials shows great aversion to rots and bugs. They can be susceptible to bad weather conditions but show strong resistivity to water as well as mold. With a simple coating on a yearly basis, you can increase the life of wicker furniture. If wicker furniture is made in resin or man-made materials, then, you can choose them. You just need to care on a monthly or weekly basis to maintain, unlike other furniture items. With a simple wiping, you can easily restore its shine.

Light-weight and Perfect for Outdoor Use

Due to its light-weight nature, one can easily move wherever they want for their comfort. The design and size available in different sizes have also opened an option to choose a spectacular range of items.

Outdoor Furniture Stores

  • Where can you evaluate Perfect Wicker Furniture?

Having years of experience, “Mr. Backyard” has been offering versatile and unique ranges of furniture items. If you are looking for sophisticated, ultra-modern and elegant sectional patio furniture, then, Mr. Backyard is the perfect place. Our multi-colored wicker strands are hand woven with the commercial grade materials which are further processed with the UV rays inhibitors for fading and cracking
prevention. Cushions are water-resistant, easy-to-maintain and comfortable. Quick-drying foam, washable covers and unique styles have made the patio furniture a competent option for the year-round use or application. Also, you can select our rattan patio furniture, the most popular one. We, at Mr. Backyard, assure the best world-class material during the construction for the optimum level of durability and strength.