Lovinflame Portable Fire Pit: Creative and Varieties of Fire Pits to Know


Fire pits create a perfect ambiance and great addition to the patio. Whether you are looking for a Lovinflame portable fire pit or DIY, everyone is unique in its aspect. The atmosphere created by fire pits not only brings the family, friends or relatives together but creates the perfect environment for extra comfort. A warm surrounding can be created using the fire pits. We are presenting this lucid guide with the help of which you can evaluate and select fire pits having multiple features. Check out the following types of fire pits.

Note: Mr. Backyard offers a versatile range of fire pits; whether you are looking for classical types for the traditional décor or the modern for your contemporary décor, we have all. With years of experience, we offer only quality products at the most-promising rates.

  • Classic Type

Classic fire pits comprising wood or gas types create comfort and warmth similar to a traditional campfire. The two main types of classic fire pits are wood and gas.

1. Wood Fire Pits

They are easy to install and simple to use. The enclosure – made of metal or stone type – provides a unique structure to store wood as a fuel. Check out the following advantages of using a wood fire pit. 

  • The simple construction is easy in application.
  • No chance of non-working after the initiation.
  • The product is cheap and easily available.
  • The flames produced create warm and cozy flames.

 2. Gas Fire Pits

The gas fire pits are the updated version of the wood fire pits. The perfect warmth and ambiance can be easily created using gas fire pits. The flames adjustment can be easily done through gas burners and can be used with different fire media like ceramic log sets, lava rock, etc. Check out the following benefits of using gas fire pits.

  • You can simply use once it gets hooked with the natural gas or propane. Once you set up or establish the setting, you will not have to worry about wet logs or creating fire.
  • Flames are controlled and small in size, making it a perfect option for apartments, suburbs, and condos.
  • The gas fire pits promote clean burning without adding any smokey smell to the surrounding. It is a cheaper option than firewood.

3. Fire and Water Type

The latest innovation has made versatile installation procedures with fire & water features. The ultimate and clean ambiance created is desired for the perfect patio atmosphere. The customizable features are suitable for the DIYer and contractor. 

4. DIY Fire Pits

DIY fire pits are cost-effective to buy. They are available in different varieties but contain the basic components required for the set up of the custom gas fire pit. The different varieties are match light kits, electronic ignition, and spark ignition. Have a look at the following examples of the DIY fire kit:

  • The DIY fire pits are extremely cheap, even more than finished products.
  • The fire pits are easy to install but the finishing should be done by expert professionals.
  • The availability of a variety of shapes and sizes helps its set up in unique and multiple shapes.

Lovinflame Portable Fire Pit

5. Gas Fire Tables

The gas fire tables are under the contemporary option. The gas fire tables available in different designs and forms offer multiple functions. This type is available in a variety of shapes and sizes but the main variation exists in height; for example, variation will exist in bar table height dining table height, etc. There are many advantages to using gas fire tables. Have a look below to gain insight. 

The diverse availability of shapes and sizes allows table shapes suitable for modern touch with a classical approach.

The fire features have become the center of attraction, creating the focal point which further increases beauty. The top surface creates functionality and entertainment centerpiece.
The availability of a variety of shapes, sizes, and design allows its versatility in multiple shapes and sizes.

6. Table Top Fire Pits

The table top fire pits are portable and can be easily carried providing comfort and warmth. The economical size encourages its compatibility for versatile applications. These types of fire pits can be easily fuelled, meaning no external gas connections are required. These can be used for indoor as well as outdoor. There are numerous benefits of using the tabletop fire pits.

  • The fuel is odorless as well as affordable; create the perfect ambiance and comfort.
  • The unique gel technology is the perfect option for indoor as well as outdoor uses or
  • applications.
    You can create the perfect atmosphere by placing the tabletop fire pits at the top of the table.

Lovinflame Portable Fire Pit

7. Fire Urns

Fire urns provide a unique statement to enhance the patio atmosphere or look. Fire urns comprising gas powered units provide beautiful and bright flames that can be contrasted to the decorative surrounding.

Check out the following benefits of using fire urns.

  • An ideal option for creating the desired atmosphere.
  • The blending of a gas burner and decorative urn create the ideal combination.

8. Creative Style Fire Pits

  • DIY Adirondack Style Fire Pit
  • DIY Koi Pond Fire Pit Transformation
  • DIY Metal and Glass Fire Pit
  • DIY Mini Fire Pit
  • DIY Square Fire Pit
  • Shortcut DIY Fire Pit
  • DIY BBQ Fire Pit

It is inevitable that fire pits create the desired ambiance for your patio in the most creative way. The different styles and functions are something more than fire and wood. The fire pits will provide ultra comfort for the surroundings.

  • Where can you find a variety of fire pits for your patio?

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