How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Covers


It is inevitable that buying furniture is a costly affair. Therefore, it should be maintained for adding durability to its life. Lawn furniture covers can help secure your furniture. The cover will help protect your furniture items from outside effects.

A cover will provide complete protection from all types of elements; for example, heat and moisture. If you choose other alternatives to protect the furniture, it may be a lengthy as well as a strenuous process…even you will not be able to protect completely like covers. For example, if you want to protect from color fading, then, you will have to paint the furniture item. But simply using a cover, you can protect them completely. We are going to discuss every minute detail of the furniture covers that will help you select a competent option.

  • Types of Patio Furniture Covers

It is recommended to choose patio furniture covers manufactured by patio furniture manufacturers. Trusted manufacturers guarantee the perfect fit for every type of patio; whether you want to choose covers for sofas or chaise lounges, you can get the desired one. Even, the quality materials help protect from all types of outdoor elements efficiently and effectively. Generally, you can measure the sizes of your patio furniture types and select covers accordingly. There are some measurement guides, for patio furniture covers, that will assist find the correct measurement for their every type. Check out the following factors or points:

Measurement for Seating

For the measurement of seating patio furniture, you will have to consider the width, height, and length. We are further citing the specific dimensions required for seating. Look at the following individual specifications:

Width Measurement for Seating: During the measurement, you have to include the arms size while measuring from right to left.

Height: In an attempt to calculate the height, you can start the measurement from the top of the back seat to the ground. Thus, you can easily evaluate the exact measurement.

Length: While measuring the length, you have to calculate from the leg rest edge to the backrest edge of the seat.

Measurement for Tables

For the width measurement, you can calculate the distance of opposite edges from the table top. While measuring the height, you can calculate the perpendicular distance from the table’s top to the ground.

During the length measurement, you can follow the edge to edge distance for consideration from the table’s top.

Umbrella Measurement

Measure the perpendicular distance of umbrella top to the ground.

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Lawn Furniture Covers

  • What are the features that you must expect from your patio furniture covers?

After the measurement consideration for finding the optimum size and shape, you will have to look into the property factors. The following given properties are the core metrics required in patio covers.


Moisture can harm your patio furniture so investment. The humidity and precipitation can affect the wood and metal used. Water-repellant properties due to fabrics used can help defend against moisture influence, cause due to abnormal weather conditions. Always look for the high-quality materials that will provide protection against absorption and leaks.

Look for Vented Covers

Vented covers are available to fully protect the patio furniture against the moisture conditions. Ventilation vents allow the proper circulation of filtered air to maintain the quality of patio furniture. The breathable material protects the furniture from light exposure and prevents the formation of mold and mildew.

Check out Seam Quality

Double-stitched seams are available for patio furniture that will help prevent covers from tearing and ripping effects. The seam reinforcement guarantees double protection for long-lasting patio covers. Thus, it will be a good selection for your investment.

Perfect Fitting

A versatile fastening availability can make a proper fit for your patio furniture. High-quality furniture will not let covers to be slipped due to external effects. Following are the fastening things that you must look into your patio furniture.

  • Reinforced ties and tie-downs.
  • Elastic edge
  • Drawstrings
  • Zippers

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Apart from the above-given points, there is a variety of material available that you must look for your outdoor patio cover. Check out the following lists.

Different types of materials are available for patio covers that have different properties. Selecting each type of option can give you benefit in its own way. Check out the following fabric option for your patio furniture:

Marine Polyester

The fabric is designed to withstand moisture and block UV rays. It is a durable option than other types of options available.

Marine Vinyl

The marine-vinyl fabric is water-resistant and highly durable. It will maintain the integrity of your patio furniture by blocking the UV rays.

Canvas Covers

Canvas covers are strong and machine washable too. You will have to look for the canvas designed for tackling mold, moisture, and UV rays. 

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Cover Care Tips

It is for sure that your covers will serve optimally when you care them the most. Regular cleaning is not as difficult as it seems. The cleaning process is really simple and effective. Check out the following points for caring and cleaning:

Cleaning Tips

Most of the fabric available can be easily cleaned using gentle detergent and water. In the next step, you will have to scrub the fabric. Rinse by hosing it down. For better cleaning, you can check out the individual tags accompanied by the fabrics. In some cases, washers and dryers can make seam apart from the fabric.

Caring Tips

When you don’t want to use the covers, you can simply fold and place it at a dry place. While pulling the covers out from their specified place, you will have to gently force to not have the effect on stitched seams of the covers.

  • The above-given factors are sufficient to choose the best furniture items. Now, the question arises from where you can get the best-quality covers for your patio furniture?

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