Everything you need to know during Patio Furniture Cushions Selection


Cushions are an important part of the furniture; whether you look for outdoor chair cushions or other outdoor furniture types, only a durable cushion, with multi-faceted properties, can fulfill your requirements. We are going to discuss everything – covers, core materials, colors, pattern types, and other factors – that can help you in the selection of right cushions for your patio.

Looking for a cost-effective option cannot always be the right solution while evaluating a competent patio cushion, there are some other dominant factors that should be considered.

  • What you have to look while selecting Outdoor Cushion Cover Material

Maybe the look of cover material, in cushions, appears the same but the inside material varies a lot. Poor quality covers are more prone to mold and mildew… the reason is lack of water-resistant properties. Even, they are more susceptible to fade and lose color due to the effect of summer season and heat.

Vinyl Covers

Vinyl material, also known as PVC, is the cheapest available option that you can choose for your patio. The same material is used for car seats.

Cotton Canvas

If you are looking for cotton fabrics, then, they can be an economical option for your patio. “Cotton canvas” does not show water tolerance and can be affected by mold and mildew effects. Applying water-proof applications yearly can save furniture from water effects.

Texteline Covers

Texteline material provides great strength to patio covers. The mesh-woven material, of texteline covers, has been manufactured with polyester yarns. They are further coated with PVC. Covers, assisted with zippers or buttons, do not show the effect of tearing and ripping. The texteline covers show resistivity to water but not show the complete tolerance to color fading due to high-temperature effects. Bleaching texteline covers can affect the PVC coating.

Sunbrella Fabric Covers

The patented material comprises solution-dyed acrylics. The material part is colored. Sunbrella fabric shows the resistivity to fading, water, mild dew, and mold…even the material is safe for chlorine use.

Note: At Mr. Backyard, we use the best materials for covers…even you can choose the top-rated cushions under a cost-effective price range.

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  • How to choose the Seating Core Materials

Same like covers, seating materials, in cushions, play an important role in their durability. They have also different types that you can choose same like covers. Have a look below to gain insight.

Polyester Fill as the Core Material

It is under the affordable option that you can choose. The material is soft and fluffy. They become flatten with time.

Clustered Polyfill as the Core Material

The polyfill is accumulated and then wrapped in bundles or small balls. The wrapping process makes cushions firmer but still, they flatten out with time.

Foam Type

Foam comes in different densities. The density variation results in different variations.


Also known by the name “Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET),” Dacron has been in use for a long time. The thermoplastic synthetic polymer resin was earlier used in making of luxury furniture items like luxury beds. The Dacron is the name of a patented fiberfill technology. The best support is the result of the durable foam padding.

The exceptional firmer support, in Dacron, avoids it to be flattened under prolonged pressure conditions. The patented technology also showcases a good appearance. The wrapping in thin polyester layers promotes the softening of cushions same like pillow-topped seating.

Dacron Wrapped as the Core Material

Dacron wrapped comprises the ½” layer of Dacron to the cushioning exterior. The amount of material used is much less as compared to the original Dacron.

What about Welting?

Welting refers to the visual attractiveness of cushions. To enhance the shaping of cushions, thin piping is added. They are not mandatory to be added, but if you want to opt for appealing cushions, then welting must be considered.

Note: At “Mr. Backyard,” you can choose patterned or custom cushions that look appealing in shape with welting.

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Ties for Cushions

Cushion ties help to make your cushions organized. Without ties, it can be displaced while sitting or standing. To avoid it falling on grounds and make them clean, you can choose ties as little things that matter the most.

How can you measure cushions seam?

From beginning to end, you can measure seams. Stretch the cushions and start measuring the seam from end to end.

  • 'Factors to be considered while selecting colors and decorative patterns’

There are multiple decorative options available which you can choose for the arrangement. Check the list below:

Toss Pillows for Decoration

The small decorative pillows are solely designed for comfort and support; you can completely use those for decorative purposes for your patio. For example, you can add cushions in multiple colors for better showcasing of your patio.

Bolster Pillows for Decoration and Optimum Support

These long circular pillows are the best option available under for decoration as well as support. These pillows are also an ideal option for beds. Simply add colorful colors for a better showcasing to the patio.

Bolster Pillows for Optimum Support

These long circular pillows are designed for the optimum level of support to the neck and spine part. Therefore, you can focus on decoration by making your spine and neck healthy.

Body pillows for Big Patio

Body pillows are the ideal option for those having big furniture items in size and shape. As it covers a wide space, so it the perfect option for your bigger patio furniture.

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Where can you buy the versatile, best and affordable cushions for your patio?

The first thing that comes in mind, from any buyer’s point of view, is that where can I find the best patio furniture cushions? Choosing a brand is always the best available option for your investment. But, how can you choose the versatile, best and affordable cushions for your patio?

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