Durable Wood Types for Patio and How to choose them

Selecting the wrong type of patio furniture can ruin your entire investment as every type of material cannot be the best option for your patio. If you have decided to opt for wooden outdoor furniture, then, you should know different wood types perfect for your patio.

To make your investment a profitable one, we are going to discuss the best and durable wood types. We will further assist you in selecting a perfect one for your patio. Check out the following types given below:

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  • Wood Types


Those who are looking to choose eco-friendly patio furniture can select acacia. They are considered an invasive species due to their development in abundance. Acacia is a durable and high-density hardwood which shows good resistive properties. Due to its sealing properties, acacia helps in retaining the brown color of the wood. Unsealed acacia can lead to color discoloration.


The availability of resins, in the western as well as the northern white cedar, tackles against rots and insects. The light-weight nature allows the easy movement of cedar furniture from one place to another. Thus, you can easily arrange and position your patio. You can use a cedar bench for your patio. Sealing and cleaning of cedar are required as their soft grains become rough with time. As cedar is soft in nature, it shows more susceptibility to dent and scratches. It shows better resistivity to cracks due to its moisture-retaining capability. The soft nature, of cedar, increases its chances to dents and scratches. 


Cypress possessing the natural preservative shows resistivity to rots and insects…it does not require any finish to show the resistivity. A periodic coating of oil gives its look a fresher approach. Cypress and cedar become gray, creating a beautiful luster. Cypress show little change to expansion and contraction due to changing weather conditions.


Redwood is a great choice for outdoor furniture. The softwood comprises straight in a subtle light-wheat color. If maintained, its durability can last long to 25 years. For example, you can use sealant or preserver for maintenance.

The redwood is naturally rotted and termite resistant. Due to its soft nature, various furniture shapes can be easily formed. As compared to teak and mahogany, redwood is a cheaper option. It also provides resistivity to moisture.


If you are willing to choose spectacular outdoor furniture from look’s perspective, then, Jarrah is the best available option. The furniture is reddish brown in color, having a fine grain structure. The peculiar tone, richly warm, is perfectly suitable for benches and tables. The material is a termite, decay and rot resistant. Even, the material does not show the effect of humidity and moisture conditions. Furniture made of jarrah needs finishing in every four to six months. To be cleaned, the wood can be simply treated with water and mild detergent.

From the above-given factors or points, you can evaluate various wood types. Now, we are going to discuss tips to choose patio furniture. There is a large availability of patio furniture in the market. A diverse availability can confuse in selecting a perfect one. Leaving a patio, just from look’s perspective, can be a costly affair. So, we must follow the practices for selecting patio furniture.

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  • Find out Basic Requirements

Color and Style Preference

You need to evaluate the perfect patio furniture based on color and style. If you have a modern outlook, then you can go for modern patio furniture. If you have traditional, then, you can work accordingly.

You need to choose fabric color as per the requirement of outdoor conditions. If your patio has lots of leaves and pollen in your patio, then, you can go for darker fabrics. This will prevent dust and dirt as compared to light-colored ones.

Weather Factors

If your area is prone to rain conditions, then, you can choose the patio tent, umbrella or awning for your furniture conditions. Waterproof patio furniture is also available that you can choose. Consider choosing adequate sizes that can be easily fitted to the designated space.

Choose Material

Wicker is the most popular material type available for patio furniture. This wicker material used in patio furniture allows its versatile availability in different models. There are many benefits of choosing the wicker as the material for patio furniture. Check out the following points:

You can choose a variety of wood as an alternative to wicker…the best part is that it is available in a variety of style and colors. It will help you to choose authentic wood products.

Patio furniture made of wood retains a long life. Wood furniture requires great maintenance. A periodic wash, stain, and seal can help in increasing the life. Thus, it helps in maintaining condition for years and years.

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  • Where can your purchase patio furniture?

Figure out where to purchase

From antique shops to outdoor furniture stores, there are many places where can choose your favorite patio furniture. Purchasing online has many advantages as top brands are approaching online platforms to target customers. After summer sales provide, you can choose due to great discounts.

If you are looking for patio furniture without cushions, you need to choose outdoor cushions. Adding cushions can add extra comfort. While selecting outdoor cushions, you need to consider the following points:

It should be waterproof and show resistivity to mildew. Cushions should be washable. Specialized cushions are available to be used for outdoor purpose only.

Add outdoor rug - You can use outdoor rugs for better showcasing of your patio. You can add it after your outdoor furniture gets assembled.

If you have bought competent patio furniture but the color does not suit with the existing space, you can paint it.

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Where can you buy a versatile range of patio furniture?

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