December 2018 Preview For Mr. backyard

  • We partnered up with Klarna bank to provide 0% APR financing to our customers. The application takes as little as two minutes to complete on our website and we do not ask any invasive questions such as income, household income, monthly expenses etc. We do not ask you to fill out a 55 page lengthy summary of your life nor do we ask you to promise us your first born or anything in between. Once you choose finance during checkout a pop up will appear on screen asking you three questions to verify your identity - this is done so that Klarna can perform a soft pull on your credit score. Since we do not partner with multiple finance providers there will only be one pull on your credit score which will barely impact it. It takes mere seconds for Klarna's system to analyze your credit score and provide approval or denial. 
  • Zuo and Boss Furniture (Pondex) have come on board into our offering. We currently offer our own line (Mr. backyard) as well as the highly sought after Zuo manufacturer whose designs are not only eye-catching and modern but also provides great support, durability, and longevity of furniture life. Boss, a distributor for Pondex, offers us our value line. Boss' line is for savvy shoppers and we offer dining sets, bistros, lounges, conversational sets etc.